Calling all student playwrights!

Here is an opportunity for budding playwrights to work on an original script with a director, a dramaturg and actors. The end result will be a staged reading on Saturday.

The play that is chosen for the Jerome McDonough Award will perform at the Showcase Saturday night. Playwrights will be involved in the process of casting and rehearsals, and may make revisions to their scripts as necessary.

3 scripts will be chosen for a staged reading.

PLAYWRIGHTS: Interested playwrights should submit ONE typed, double­ spaced copy of your script, no longer than six pages in length.

Information on who to send scripts to will be updated by August 29, 2022.

It should have no more than four (4) characters and should call for no special technical requirements. The script should not have more than one setting; i.e. it should be one scene only. If your play is selected for participation, you will be notified before the Festival about re­writes, and you should be prepared to attend a meeting during session 3, where you will meet with your director and dramaturg and have a chance for rewrites. If selected you MUST bring a copy of your play on a flash drive in a Word format.

Auditions for actors will be on Friday during Session 3.  There is no charge to audition for Playworks. Actors who are cast should be prepared to commit to the Playworks event during all Session times on Saturday; therefore, it is suggested that students who have already attended Festival at least once before would benefit the most from this event, although it is open to all Festival attendees.

All scripts should be turned in by October 6, 2022. Please attach the form to the top of your script. 

playworks-entry-form-2021 – please download the application and follow the instructions for submission of your play.