The Arizona Thespians Adaptive Theatre Festival is a groundbreaking one-day event that redefines the traditional theatre experience, immersing audiences in a dynamic and ever-changing spectacle. The festival showcases a diverse lineup of workshops that embrace adaptability as a central theme. Students will be participating in dance, makeup and puppet workshops creating a unique and unforgettable theatrical journey. The festival’s innovative approach culminates in a closing session that will highlight some of the work  the artists completed during the day  and share with others, making it a truly one-of-a-kind celebration of adaptive experience.

Registration fees are to be made out to Arizona Thespians. We accept Purchase Orders, check or credit/debit cards (there is a service fee for all card transactions).

Our address is 7400 W. Bridle Tr. Flagstaff, AZ 86001. We are a vendor in most school districts in the state.


MEDICAL CONSENT & ACCEPTANCE FORM all participants are required to have three copies of the this form. Schools will not be able to check in if they do not have these copies with them. AZT will not be able to make copies for you.

Adaptive Theatre Schedule – What the day looks like. Subject to change.