November 22 & 23, 2024 Phoenix Convention Center. 


The AZ Thespian Festival and its student events are NOT open to the general public. All students must attend with their high school’s Thespian Troupe Director or Drama Director.  

BACKGROUND CHECKS – ALL adults are required to undergo a background check in order to attend the AZ Thespian Festival.  If an adult refuses, consent form isn’t filled out by deadline or doesn’t pass the background, they will be unable to attend. This includes teachers, chaperones, presenters and exhibitors. And there will be NO REFUND.  There is only one way to have the background check completed, enter your information yourself click here and follow the directions.

For more festival information, please refer to the documents and forms listed below. Remember there are many steps to the registration process. Please refer to the Thespian Teacher Handbook (link located below) to assist you.


Forms and Documents (click to download):

2024 AZ Thespian Teacher Handbook – updated 7/2/2024

2024 Thespian Festival Fees – a quick look at the fees associated with Thespian Festival. AZ Thespians reserves the right to change fees at any time. 

Arizona Thespian Festival General Schedule 2024  – This is a general idea of what to expect at the AZ Thespian Festival

2024 Arizona Thespian Festival Program  – view the schedule, workshop descriptions and more.

Arizona Thespians Code of Conduct Each school must have a copy on file.

AZ Thespians Performance Standards Policy Each school must have a copy on file if they have students participating in Scholarships or the One Act Marathon.

2024-2025 AZ Thespian Medical Consent and Rules Acceptance form (for both students & adults) please note, this is not the same as the background check that ALL adults will be required to undergo.  If an adult refuses or doesn’t submit the background by the deadline, they are unable to attend.

2024 AZ Thespian Teacher Of The Year Application

2024 AZ Thespian Administrator Of The Year Application

2024 AZ Thespian Counselor of the Year Application 

2024 Governor’s Proclamation Award

2024 Arizona Thespian Festival Registration will close October 10, 2024.