Leadership Camp JULY 7 or 8, 2021

Camp will be here before you know it! See what it’s all about. pic.twitter.com/gyc48tB7W8

Join us in the cool pines of Heber, AZ, and experience a Leadership training like no other!

At camp you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and network with other Thespians, while gaining valuable tools to better your club, school, and communities.

The camp registration fee covers lunch and dinner.

All students must attend with their school and sponsor. All sponsors must remain on site with their students through the duration.

Schools are limited to 6 students attending Camp.

Current AZHD Guidelines will be in place.

Registration is  online. Please see the links below to register. Download the camp information sheet to learn what the fees are and how to register.

Registration will be opening soon.


Day 1 –
Day 2 –
Day 3 –
Day 4 – Camp Shirt

LOCATION:  Camp Shadow Pines (Directions)

MAP OF CAMP:  (Download)


Leadership Camp General Information & Registration Instructions 2019 – updated 2/28/19 The basic information does not typically change if you require a reference to what it is about.

Troupe Director Registration Portal Guide 2021 this guide is for assistance with the registration portal.

STO Application for 2021-2022 term  DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS JULY 1st.

Sponsor STO Recommendation form for 2021-2022 term  DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS JULY 1st.

2019_AZ Thespian Leadership Camp_consent_and_acceptance_form – All students and adults must have a copy at registration and with troupe sponsor.

Camp Workshop Description – Subject to change. This page can be used a reference for what Camp offers to troupe leaders.

2019 SCHEDULE FOR LEADERSHIP CAMP- Final Schedule. This can give troupe directors an idea and a outline for what the week looks like if you have to submit an itinerary to your school district.

Leadership Camp Registration – registration is currently closed.