Honor Troupe Application deadline is October 8, 2021 @ 5:00pm.   There are no late submissions allowed.     

Honor Troupe Application Information


 All active* troupes may apply for this special distinction!  To receive this recognition, your troupe must attend the Arizona State Thespian Festival.  The Arizona State Thespian Board will review your application and determine your eligibility and award level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) based on the troupes’ accumulated projects.  Your troupe will then be given tribute during the Arizona State Thespian Festival when your Award will be presented.


To be recognized, as an Honor Troupe, each active* Arizona Thespian Troupe, regardless of size, must demonstrate excellence in high school theatre by achieving high standards within a school year in each of the following categories:

  1. Productions
    1. Gold: 5 or more public audience productions
    2. Silver: 4 public audience productions
    3. Bronze: 3 public audience productions
  2. Thespian Activities
    1. Gold: 20 activities
    2. Silver: 17-19 activities
    3. Bronze: 14-16 activities
  3. School and Community Service Activities.
    1. Gold: 6 or more verified projects
    2. Silver: 5 verified projects
    3. Bronze: 4 verified projects

4. Verified projects via scrapbook or digital scrapbook.

Honor Troupe Application

*An active troupe is defined as one that inducts at least 6 new thespians, maintains a physical point system for all Thespian members, pays their troupe dues on time to EdTA, performs one production for the public, attends one State sponsored event, and completes one community service project per school year.

Instructions: Please open the application, go under FILE and click on MAKE A COPY. Please title your new copy with your schools full name to save and SHARE  with Steve Abaroa,  steve.abaroa@arizonathespians.com